About US.

Diamond House Massage is a massage by gay people.

With long experience massage. We establish a shop in 2017 and to develop a place for rest as CULTURE LANNA and mixed Thai country side style. We have updated diamond house massage to a new name call New Diamond House Massage
We create a massage parlor kingdom. Focus on relaxation. And relaxation of key customers our important people.
Among the LANNA culture of the North Chiang Mai Thailand
New Diamond House massage we use knowledge from local folk and Thai traditional Massage Knowledge It has long been. Take to customer service. As a fraternity the massage is a new generation of experience.
Now we are ready to give the New Diamond House massage. It is a gay client massage facility. Friendly and happy all time.
Come to Chiang Mai .. Do not forget to meet us gay massage team. At New Diamond House Massage Kamphaengdin Road Soi 1 every day, new diamond house massage the home for gay masseur . is your home.


Package service for shop

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Traditional Thai Massage

1hr: 500 baht. 1.5hrs: 600 baht
Massage made A real workout for your body.
To made Balanced blood circulation for you

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Experience massage Package

1.5hrs: 1300 baht, 2 hrs: 1500 baht
The ultimate combination; a Thai Traditional massage, an intense Facial Massage finished with an Aromatherapy Massage to leave you fully refreshed. and good feel and relaxing al time

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Dream massage Package

1.5hrs: 1500 baht, 2 hrs: 1700 baht
Decadent indulgence in the form of a Four-hand Scrub followed by a Four-hand Aromatherapy Massage. Note: the Aromatherapy Massage can be swapped for a Cream Massage

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